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The personal satisfaction you experience as a hospice volunteer is incredible and the training needed to prepare you as a volunteer is very manageable. We will work with you during your training to ensure you feel comfortable in your role as a hospice volunteer. Your training will be tailored to prepare you for the type of volunteer service you have selected. We offer training on a variety of days and times to best meet your schedule. If necessary, we can schedule one-on-one or small group training sessions.

Hospice 101 – All volunteers will participate in Introduction to Hospice. This session is approximately four hours in length and teaches volunteers about our agency and what volunteer roles are available. This is the only training required for office based volunteers and those serving in non-direct patient volunteer roles. This training is offered via a mix of classroom discussion and self-study modules.

Bereavement Support – Additional training is provided for volunteers who wish to assist with bereavement support for our survivors. This training involves additional classroom instruction as well as side-by-side mentoring. You will train for approximately two additional hours to be qualified to assist in this important area.

Direct Patient Care – An additional four to six hours of instruction including classroom, self-study and shadowing of hospice staff is required for individuals desiring direct patient contact. This type of volunteer is vital to our patients’ end of life experience and we encourage all volunteers to consider this type of service. As part of your training, you will shadow other members of the hospice care team to assist you in having a more in-depth understanding of hospice care. You will be closely mentored by your Volunteer Coordinator until you feel comfortable in your role.

Veteran Support – An additional two hours of training is provided for volunteers who will be working with those who served our country. Hospice patients who are military veterans often request volunteers who are also veterans. Our veteran volunteers similarly enjoy spending time with fellow soldiers.

Ongoing Education – Additional training and support is provided on an on-going basis – at least once each quarter. You are encouraged to participate in all on-going training activities to allow you to meet other volunteers and to facilitate you becoming more skilled in the services you are providing.

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About Serenity Hospice

"I don't want to be alone, I want my death to be happy, I don't want to be hurting." She was a younger adult, living with friends that cared about her, but couldn't provide for her care, her family lived at a distance, she was scared. Our promise: No one dies alone, afraid, or in pain. "We'll be there for you," we said as we looked her in the eyes and held her hands. And we were.
There are many hospices, but only one Serenity Hospice. At Serenity, we take our commitment to providing care at the end of your life or your loved ones life as seriously as if you were our own family member. We have cared for our own family members. We believe your journey should be focused on living each of your days fully, however YOU define that. That means we provide care for all aspects of your life: physical, emotional, spiritual. We care for you and those who care about you. We do this by doing "Whatever it Takes When it Matters Most." We do it by holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and with the integrity you would expect of someone coming into the most intimate places of your life. Explore this site to see the impact our care has had on others at the end of their life. Discover our exceptional care to Veterans, check out who will care for you, including our complimentary alternative therapies, or give us a call for further information. We look forward to being of service to you on this most sacred of journeys.

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