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We understand the challenges of managing needs all across the spectrum of healthcare, and that is why we are pleased to offer Serenity Palliative Care. If you or someone you know are not yet ready or eligible for hospice services, we can offer Serenity Palliative Care as a way to provide support that the patient may need while facing a life-limiting illness.

Connection – Our Serenity Palliative Care Coordinator keeps patients, physicians and loved ones connected with plans of care and other information that works best for them.

Outreach – Our Serenity Palliative Care Team are healthcare professionals that have years of experience in caring for patients with a life-limiting illness. They will educate patients, address concerns and provide valuable community resources as appropriate.

Patient Management – When a patient becomes ready for hospice services, Serenity Palliative Care helps ensure a smooth, seamless transition. Our Serenity Palliative Care Team will also communicate with you as often as you would like.

With Serenity Palliative Care, you and your loved ones are never alone. If you have questions about the Serenity Palliative Care program or would like to speak to our Serenity Palliative Care Coordinator, please call us at (503) 639-0600

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About Serenity Hospice

At Serenity, we take our commitment to providing care at the end of your life or your loved one's life as seriously as if you were our own family member. We believe your journey should be focused on living each of your days fully, however you define that. Our promise: No one dies alone, afraid or in pain.

Explore this site to see the impact our care has had on others at the end of their life. Discover our exceptional care to Veterans, check out who will care for you, including our complimentary alternative therapies, or give us a call for further information. We look forward to being of service to you on this most sacred of journeys.

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